Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wear & Share: Off the Cuff

Love these cage heels I scored at the YSL sample sale last year for friggin' $200, but insecurities about my epic calf muscles prevented me from wearing them. What was I so worried about? The cardinal rule is, if you spend too much time dressing up, you will probably have a boring night. It's not like I expect to get followed by paparazzi... but is it too much to ask to go out to a bar, and not have to deal with all your drunken, annoying friends, spilling stuff all over your shoes?

Anyway, I also ordered this rose gold cuff off Asos about a year ago; it was so awesome that when I saw its silver twin on sale for next-to-nothing last month, I had to get it as well. They're great on their own but, their powers combined, I am Captain Planet! Or, at least, something a whole lot more powerful. The dress is Mango -- I used to shop there all the time, along with Zara and H&M, but I haven't bought anything from any of those places in something like a year, unless you count the Lanvin x H&M stuff (half of which I haven't even worn). I know we harp on like every other blogger about mixing high-low, but I really just hate the idea of owning the same stuff that everyone else does. Plus, Zara is getting so darn expensive.

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