Friday, April 1, 2011


The Geeks went out to play last night at Tod's opening cocktail for its D-Bag exhibition, which took place at Pacific Place and was packed to the brim with fashion types before the clock hit 7pm. We tend to be a rather trend-driven blog, so you don't see Tod's featured on here that much, but that's very much an omission on our part -- the D-Bag, which is one of Tod's most iconic items, has gone through four incarnations throughout the years, released in various colours and finishes, and is a staple that will live in your closet forever. I constantly buy cheap and regrettable bags, use them intensely for a few weeks, and revert to my nappa Marni bubble frame because it looks and feels so much better. WHY DO I NOT OWN A TOD'S BAG YET?

Anyway, so the D-Bag is a luscious leather tote that's painstakingly made, and resembles a slouchy version of the Loewe Amazona, or a less logo-conscious YSL Easy. But if you hit up the exhibition that's at PP outside Zara until Sunday, check out the D-Bags that are on display. I'm not sure if the artisan-dude who was making bags on-location last night will still be around, but it's awesome to watch a pile of leather become a part of fashion history.

Michelle Yeoh showed up at the event, which caused the Michelle Yeoh-shuffle to occur -- all of us shuffling around to make space for her and the entourage of photographers shooting her as she approached her custom-designed D-Bag, which will be auctioned off to benefit Japan relief efforts. The starting bid is HK$9,800, which isn't bad at all if this whimsical design is your schtick.

And after all that was said and done, Tod's was kind enough to host a blogger dinner at Domani after, at which I was informed that I have an evil twin/doppelganger residing in the Philippines. Jane, I'm coming to get you -- there can only be one of us. Whereas press dinners are often considered something of a hassle for us Geeks, we were pleased to discover that blogger dinners, despite following the same format, are a lot more happy and chilled out. Thanks to Fiona and Flora for hosting us and listening so patiently to me complain about how fat I am, without rolling their eyes and telling me to shut up and finish my cod. Which was delicious, by the way.

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