Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Born Again

I was wandering around Lane Crawford in Causeway Bay, the poor cousin of the Lane Crawford family, when I came across the best cropped collared vest, spiked with the most awesome array of pointy studs. I wasn't familiar with the label, Reborn Process, so I came home to do a bit o' Googling, only to find that it's a restored and redesigned vintage line. Good on Lane Crawford for that. I don't remember any intersection between what's on the site and what's in the Hong Kong store, but it's all gorgeousity anyway -- I actually think we have an edgier buy over here, which I appreciate. In fact, the photos here hardly do the clothes justice in comparison. Although I really do love that horsey necklace after the cut.

Even cooler, the label is run by two friends, Aeri the stylist and Hyoni the model -- yes, that's Hyoni Kang, she of Fashion Week fame, the sometime Ford Supermodel of the Year winner and panda-sweatshirt owner. The site also features cute styling tips from Hyoni as well, along the lines of "wear a button-down shirt with denim shorts and you'll be chic!" Yeah, only if we all looked like Hyoni.

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