Monday, April 4, 2011

Bag Lady: Chloe Madeline Runway Satchel

Doesn't this look oh so soft and comfortable? And yes, I know white isn't the most practical of colours but this pristine bag makes me think of spring and clouds and all things bright and beautiful. If you are determined to be a downer, there is a version available in grey too. US$2,130 At Neiman Marcus

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  1. Sooo beautiful handbag. Thanks For this collection. :)

  2. Hi girls, why so quiet today? No fun posts? Still waiting!

  3. We love you Irene! Been a manically busy day for us, both ShoeGeek and I took Monday off so we're trying to play catch up with emails. You might have to miss us just a bit longer but fear now coz we'll definitely be back tomorrow! =)