Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Giveaway: KamoN H&S Hair Salon Head Spa Treatment

Whenever I think of hair maintenance, I immediately think of treatments that make the hair softer, healthier etc. I must admit that it never quite occur to me that the scalp deserves the same type of treatment which thinking back, seems pretty silly. If I need to exfoliate my face, make sure the skin’s healthy etc, I surely should do the same for my scalp. How this topic came about was my old high school friend, Trish, was asking me if I would be keen to try a head spa treatment at the salon opened by her boy Sugi and my first thought was oh a head massage? That’s when she explained to me that, no, it’s actually cleaning the scalp as regular shampoo and condition will leave residual build up left on your scalp and with us washing our hair daily, there can be quite a bit of crap we are carrying around unknowingly.

Head spa experiences are pretty popular in Japan and slowly making its way to Hong Kong. So about a week ago, I trotted off to Causeway Bay to the KamoN H&S Hair Salon to meet Sugi. I settled into a leather lounge chair where a soft chenille blanket was placed over my body, a towel placed over my eyes and proceeded to enjoy the process. Sugi used scalp cleansing gel to slowly massage the dirt out and then continues the massage to scalp so that I was nice and relaxed. A keratin treatment was then applied for damaged ends and I was lead to the stylist chair where a Japanese steam machine was placed over my head. The steam machine brings the temperature to about 45 degrees and this causes the pores in the hair to open up and be more prone to absorption. Tiny purified water particles produced by the machine helps bring in the keratin treatment deeper into the core of the hair. Then the last minute of the steam machine offers cool particles to close the pores and a coating lotion is applied during the final rise to seal in the treatment. Immediately after the experience I felt that my hair seemed healthier but wary of the placebo effect, I gave myself a few days before writing this post. One thing to note is that a couple friends commented that my hair seems particularly shiny in the following days, surely a good sign. Sugi recommends doing the head spa monthly to rid the scalp of this residue and in return promote a healthy mane. Priced at $600 for ladies and $400 for men (guys’ treatment doesn’t get the hair treatment and only focuses on scalp cleaning), the treatment is not too expensive. And if we go for facials at least once a month, it’s surely worth the investment in getting something done for our hair once a month.

And if you are in doubt, KamoN H&S Hair Salon is also offering two of our readers a free experience of the head spa treatment. To enter, email us at giveaway@hkfashiongeek.com with the subject "KamoN H&S Hair Salon giveaway" to be eligible. RT the giveaway on twitter (make sure to @hkfashiongeek or @cko01 so we know!), or leave a comment on our Facebook fan page to get EXTRA entries. This contest is only open to Hong Kong residents. The winner will be notified the first week of May.

KamoN H&S Hair Salon, 7/F., Coasia Plaza, 496-498 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay. Phone: 2890 1861 / 2890 1658.

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  1. I was a lucky winner! Here's my head spa treatment experience: http://connvoyage.blogspot.com/2011/06/kamon-h-hair-salon.html

  2. Do they do hair cut as well? How's their price like? thanks..

    1. Most definitely and excellent technique too!

      For cut, prices start from 400 HKD