Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I first met handbag designers Piecco Pang and Kelly Chan in the Miu Miu in-store boutique at the Lane Crawford in IFC (God, I need to get out more. You don't know how many people I've met while in Lane Crawford, ahem @2munkis). It was telling that, amid yards of perfectly scrunched and dyed leather in the quirky-chic tradition of Madame Miuccia Prada, I was enthralled not by a piece of Italian design, but by the fabulous studded metal box clutch in the crook of Kelly's arm, which she designed!

Piecco and Kelly both have their own lines -- PP4E and Vicious Venom respectively -- but have collaborated on this new range, called Deinos Saurus. If you click through to see the full collection below, you'll see an assortment of bags no doubt inspired by the giant lizards that once roamed our earth in all their spiky, scaley glory. Okay, so maybe dinosaurs weren't clad in hues of fluoro-pink, lime green and indigo blue... but if they were, it would make going to natural-history museums a lot more fun!

Check it out on Vicious Venom's site here. PP4E is still under development, but you can get your Piecco/Kelly lovin' on at Gizzy & Nacho. And if, say, you want to buy me this most awesome of laptop cases-cum-clutches... please, go ahead.

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  1. Oh snaps for the mention and I love Piecco's stuff! Now if he could make one with a collar......