Thursday, April 14, 2011

SHOErotica: Opening Ceremony x Chloe Sevigny x Lane Crawford

If you hadn't yet heard, Chloe Sevigny is in Hong Kong tonight for the launch of her collection for Opening Ceremony at Lane Crawford. I'm praying that the event is not as packed as Kate Moss' ridiculously overcrowded visit. You gotta love retail, it brings cool celebs to Hong Kong when our suck-ass movie industry can't. Although did you know that Sam Neill just did a film with Jordan Chan? Yeah, say what?

Anyway, I fell for these clogs at Lane Crawford on Monday. But I have to wear the other four pairs of new shoes I got before I'm allowed to buy new ones. For shame. Actually, I should be more ashamed of that shoe binge, but I'm not. I am ashamed of how often I go to Lane Crawford, though.

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  1. Very cool clogs! Very very Chloe Sevigny! Yet things are a little different, or sometimes even warped, when more and more brands/ collections being Lane-Crawfordised... The good side of this, if there is, is that items are more easily available. The not so good/ cool side is, because they become so easily available, they are not cool anymore...