Thursday, April 7, 2011

Promotional Feature: Wedding Invitations 101

When the Geeks were at the Tod’s dinner, we found out that the lovely Flora from Tod’s had just gotten engaged a couple days ago and immediately the discussion turned towards how he proposed (very cute method that included a rogue sock) and preparations for the wedding. As she’s getting married in less than a year, I commented that it’s rather soon at which she scoffed and said I’m used to planning events, my wedding will just be another one of them. And of course, I realise that duh, she’s right. But what about those who aren’t in PR or are used to putting together events? That’s where I discovered there is a host of services available for the lucky couple that covers everything from gowns to invitations to party favours such as David’s Bridal. If you are starting with invites, check out Wedding invitations by David’s Bridal. They are very easy to make and come in hundreds of patterns and colors, and to top it off, they can even assemble them for you. So if you are in the prowl for wedding invitations or perhaps an invitation to a party you’re throwing, why not head over to the site for some inspiration?

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