Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Helsinki Fashion Geek

Followers of my instagram might have noticed that I took a quick overnight trip to Helsinki for the day job a couple weeks ago. Before you express your amazement that it was possible to do an overnight trip, know that actually, it’s possible to do a day trip to Helsinki from Hong Kong! In fact, the trip was timed so nicely that I basically got on the plane, fell asleep and next thing I knew I was there. Of course it helps that I was flying biz class and I must say one thing that I really appreciated about Finnair's biz class was that their blankets are not made of fleece but are blankets with cases and what not. Random fun facts that I’ve learn since having Finnair as a client. Helsinki is the ideal hub connecting Asia and Europe as it’s only 9 hours to Helsinki and there are a load of flights going to various destinations within Europe. Case in point, if you want to fly to Hamburg from Hong Kong, by flying Hong Kong, Helsinki, Hamburg, you save two to three hours when compared to Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Hamburg. Day trip to Helsinki? Well technically yes, you can take the midnight flight from Hong Kong, arrive to Helsinki at around 6am and then depart on the same day from Helsinki at around 11pm and return to Hong Kong at 2pm the next day.

Anyway, check out some of the gorgeous pics I managed to take in between meetings. If you do plan on going, I highly recommend Emo for a nice meal out. Opened recently, it’s helmed by Chef Pekka Terava and is the sister restaurant to Olo which was ranked as Finland’s best reso by the Best Restaurant Guide. Other must see places include the Marimekko flagship store, Rock Church, the market place and the design district. The museums here are quite small (literally about a floor or so. I managed to hit two museums in an hour.)so definitely try to check them out. Foods to try include reindeer, bear meat and tons of fish. I love that Helsinki is so intimate where you can pretty much walk everywhere and as you can see the weather was GOREGOUS. We actually only had about half a day to sightsee but still manage to hit a lot of places as you can see from the photos. Finally, love love LOVED the blue skies. Why can't we get skies like this in Honkie?

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