Friday, July 30, 2010

Keeping It Fresh

Remember the dating site that we discovered a while back? The one that is exclusively for Apple fans? Well I just came across this gem of a dating site from Just Salad. Yes you read it correctly, it’s a match-making site based on your salad preferences. Aptly named, the site is targeted at “busy young professionals like yourself, who lives a healthy lifestyle and is looking to get to know like-minded individuals. While most dating sites match couples based on conventional interests like hobbies or work, SaladMatch links you together based on which Just Salad location you frequent, when you frequent it, and what ingredients you get in your salad.” Doesn’t get more random than that. No word on whether the matches are for the US only or if they’ve included Hong Kong in their candidate search. SaladMatch is a free online dating service. Sign up at

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  1. Excellent. Now to start my own NixMatch, for people who are too awesome to be bothered with overpriced, non-interchangeable products.

  2. Be sure to send us the link if you do. We'll write about it and give you some publicity!