Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Furry Friend

Just arrived in New York after the world's longest flight. Okay, it was 16 hours, but you try spending 16 hours in an airline seat with not one, but TWO babies in the same row on either side. It was like a pissing contest to see who could cry louder; with me, the baby-hater (yes, I hate babies, so sue me) in between. I know I'm a Libra, but the scales were tipping every which way as to which child was more annoying. I know, now I sound like a big baby.

Anyway, the pain was worth it to journey to The Plaza hotel here, where magical things happen. The property is ridiculous, all fabulous celebrity history and gilded elegance and quintessential New York charm. And one of the more famous of The Plaza's residents is Eloise, the fictional girl who made it her job to cause mischief in the hotel. There's an Eloise in-house shop here, and one of the first toys we spotted was Eloise in full fur regalia -- with her loyal pup similarly kitted out in fluffy outerwear. As our vegetarian PR Jocelyn pointed out... "that's kind of wrong." Because it's a faux pas for an animal to wear the fur of another? Maybe in the mind of PETA, but this Geek can't say anything but "awwww" and plot to dress my own pup in such flashy fashion. Then again, I wouldn't trust my taste. I'm the girl who hates babies.

Get the Eloise in Moscow doll at Amazon.

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