Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Digital Ransom Note

I imagine with the advent of the computer, kidnappers no longer bother with the fun of cutting up magazines and newsletters to create a ransom note. (Yes I’m using the word fun coz don’t you think it’d be a great arts and crafts project? This is totally something we should have done when ShoeGeek and I went scrapbooking.) Anyway, for those nostalgic for the classic ransom note yet don’t have the patience to scour through magazines for the right letters, I introduce to you the Digital Ransom Note generator. Some smart Geek has figured out a way to pull the letters from Flickr photos and paste them together for your very own digital ransom note. Useful not only for generating notes but also for creating fun headers, image greetings etc. ShoeGeek and I had a great time coming up with some options.What would you write?

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1 comment:

  1. Really a good article.

    Riya Gupta