Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spoilt Rotten: Craft Cheese

Okay, so I have a confession. I always sort of associated arts and crafts with sad old spinsters with 10 cats and too much time on their hands, or 12-year-olds on summer holiday with too much time on their hands, or creepy stalkers who spend time studying how to make homemade bombs and have too much time on their hands. You get the point. Luckily I have the perspective-broadening influence of FashionGeek to prove to me that you can sit at home and make jewellery while you watch Top Model or Project Runway without being a loser. At least that's my new POV and I'm sticking to it. And now, thanks to the experience-gift site Spoilt, I have now also converted to the church of scrapbooking.

As our first Spoilt experience, we elected to attend a scrapbooking workshop at Random Art Workshop in Causeway Bay (which, incidentally, carries Chic Infinity, jewellery designed by our very own FashionGeek). Frappucinos in hand, we stepped into the workshop with a stack of old photographs, and were quickly introduced to the myriad of materials and tools at our disposal. We both were sold on Tiffany-blue albums, and as you'll see below, FashionGeek got into the theme of the brand by adorning hers with keys.

We were left to our own devices for the next two hours to slice and dice papers, apply stamps and paper cut-outs, glue random shiny crap and otherwise use our imagination to create a pretty little photo album for ourselves. And goshdarnit, it takes TIME to do this. Who knew? By the end of two hours, we each had four or five pages of lively layouts. And a hunger to stay there all day and night to continue creating. But alas, real life awaits, and plus, RAW was hosting a bachelorette party, a Scrap 'n Strip, or Whorecratft, so to speak. We were, unfortunately, not invited, because if anything is funner than scrapbooking, it's scrapbooking while a fit-looking policeman entertains you with the bulge in his pants. What a genius idea.

Anyway, it's entirely likely now that we will be getting each other experience vouchers for another scrapbooking session from Spoilt, come next birthday. It's not just for weird losers with too much time on their hands, okay? Hit the site for this and other experience vouchers.

RIP white leather butterfly ankle-tie sandals (2002-2005)

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