Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Here I was thinking "damn I forgot to put up a blog post last night, better do a quick one covertly from work" and then I promptly forgot about the issue and decided to open my mail instead while fretting about the fact that I completely forgot the Chanel show is in two hours and I'm wearing no makeup and no jewellery and... flats. Thank God I keep a pair of heels in the office. And then I noticed a Chanel envelope amid the fray and thought it might be a follow-up notice, reminding me to RSVP to the show, or perhaps notifying a change of location.

Et voila! Insta-jewellery!

Two sheets of the Chanel temporary tattoos were included, which were used in the Spring 2010 show, as well as a disc of images showing the models sporting them. Jewellery? Check. Blog post topic? Check. And this is, dear readers, probably the most economical Chanel bling you will ever purchase -- $550 for 55 patterns, or $10 a tat. Available at boutiques from the end of this week.

Now that's what I call branding.

ETA: Decided not to go to the show. Giant chin zits marring my ability to be seen in public. So the tat application will have to wait!

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  1. OH MAN they sent some to you? You are beYOND lucky.
    Anyway i think this is my first time commenting heahehae but glad you ladies are on bored with the Accessorize thing :D
    I wish Chanel sent MEEEE stuff in the mail ):

  2. Haha it helps to run their events in your magazine! And we're not officially on the Accessorize thing YET. ESPECIALLY not if these chin zits persist, I will have to leave this earth. Or cover them with strategically placed temporary tattoos...

  3. You're so lucky to receive these temp tattoos for free!