Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breaking News

Shamelessly poached from my work inbox... Hongkongers will no longer have to trek all the way over to Shenzhen to get their dose of American Apparel! Unfortunately, the retailer isn't officially coming to our town with a flashy flagship store (why not? I don't know) but at least on April 9, we can all head down to Lane Crawford at IFC for the American Apparel pop-up store, open until May 11, featuring threads for women, men, children and yep, pets too. My first question was whether the markup was going to be insane, but the PR at Lane Crawford assures me that they are going for volume over margins this time. Check out American Apparel here to see what you want. And one good thing about LC is that their buyers actually have taste, so you don't end up with crappy watered-down selections like you do at H&M...

I'm in love with this AA petticoat skirt worn on ChicMuse... but I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause. So instead... Foxy Brown, you're getting a new outfit!

ETA: Word on the street (or the tweet) is that the Shenzhen shop closed down... did they use the rest of their stock to make this installation for the Shenzhen Biennale?

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1 comment:

  1. Actually the Shenzhen AA store isn't there anymore. I went there in December and was super bummed when the information centre lady at the mall told me they closed aaages ago :( But at least I'm going to Shanghai this weekend - hello AA fix!