Monday, March 8, 2010

Shelf Life

When you've been working in the magazine biz for a number of years, you may find you've collected quite a number of back issues that clog up your apartment. The primary reason to keep a full-time job, I often find, is so that you can refrain from bringing home magazine issues until absolutely necessary. As you can tell from the images above, I've come up with some uber-stylish solutions for displaying my life's work... NOT.

But I'll be moving into my first official "grown-up" apartment and will be getting a wall-to-wall shelving unit that, my designer friend guarantees, is calculated to hold "20 or more years of career." Yay! I can't remember where I found all of the below pictures, but if you're looking for a bomb-ass shelving system, just take them to a contractor for replication. Yes, I am condoning architectural piracy. Doesn't everyone do it?

I was rewatching The September Issue and fell in love with Anna Wintour's neat white Vogue spines in her neat white shelves. But not all of us are lucky to stay with the same publication for 20+ years. The colour coordination of book spines seems like a tedious task, but it is cool-looking. Otherwise, I do also like how Mizz Wintour leaned photo frames against the magazines to add some detail and personality. Wish I could find a photo...

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