Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Geek Spy: TweetBookz

Perhaps you have always dreamed of penning that Great American Novel. Perhaps you are full of witty banter that no one appreciates. Or you’re just looking for a gift to present to someone who seems to have everything. If you fit the above criteria AND the words obsessive tweeter describes you, you may have already written the novel without knowing. In which case, head on over to TweetBookz, a handy service that allows anyone to create, print and order books of tweets from any Twitter account.

Choose from four designs in soft and hard cover versions. Prices range from US$28 to US$38 which covers shipping in the US. Extra charges apply for international shipping.

Of course, if you want to opt for the cheaper option, there’s always http://tweetbook.in which despite the similarity in names, only provide a pdf book of your tweets.

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