Friday, March 12, 2010

Nuts for Nacho

Just a very quick one today (spent the morning figuring out how to get "approved" to send out our weekly newsletter, which you can now sign up for on the right... shameless plug...). I was meaning to post this later when the online shop was officially open, but I wanted to introduce you ladies to Gizzy & Nacho, which is going to be Hong Kong's answer to Shopbop. The site isn't live yet but a showroom is open on Arbuthnot Road and you can make appointments or go during walk-in hours on Tuesdays 6-9pm or Saturdays 2-5pm.

WHY you would want to go to the showroom is because the clothes are totally sick, and totally affordable. After a quickie meeting with the lovely owner Laura, I was meant to go to a work cocktail but instead spent time in the changing room debating over which colour of the Naven dress I'll be needing... (hot pink? blush? white linen? denim? arghhhhh). I decided I need to return with FashionGeek in tow as my colour coordinator/advisor, but I picked up two MinkPink tanks for the drop-dead sale price of $240 each, which is about half of what you would pay at any other site online (Shopbop, Tobi...).

Totally channeling fashiontoast's Rumi Neely. And even though today is not as warm as the HK Observatory previously predicted, I had to wear one tout suite... And I'm proud to report that this is the first time during my 830am dog walk that people were staring at me rather than my attention whore of a dog. Granted, it was smarmy old men staring at my chest, rather than fashionistas gasping over my wardrobe, but... oh well. Take what you can get.

I also really wanted this Boulee corset but... er... it was ridiculously small. And I was kind of embarrassed to ask Laura's boyfriend to go get me the biggest size possible. But... not too embarrassed to write about it on the internet. Go figure.

Anyway, this post didn't end up being short at all (my propensity to babble rears its head again...).

Images: Gizzy and Naven

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