Monday, March 22, 2010

Trippin' on Acyd

The last time I was in Singapore I observed some really bad footwear. From the ankles up everything is great -- lovely tanned skin, sexy silhouettes and the whole shebang -- and then you see sneakers with strapless dresses (proper running shoes, not Kristen Stewart-inspired Converse) or one-inch heel Mary Janes with a backless LBD. TRUE EXAMPLES. Shudder.

That's why, I guess, these babies on Singapore-based Lucyd Acyd already seem to be unavailable. Unashamed copies of the Ashish for Topshop and Sam Edelman boots, they were available last week but alas are nowhere to be found now. But Lucyd Acyd's clothing isn't too shabby either -- very Lulu and your Mom, no? Love the one-shouldered shirt dress and the bandage leggings, the latter of which I sadly believe are way to cool for me to pull off. And ladies, EVERYTHING IS UNDER HK$500. Now I'll stop talking so you can go shop. If I didn't just drop two grand on shoes over the weekend I would too. But I'll wait... a couple of days.

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