Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's cool that FashionGeek works in PR now, because then she can take me to "PR dinners" which are essentially extended disco mixes of our usual gossip lunches. A couple of weeks ago, she escorted me to Aqua to test out (er, pig out on) the new menu designed by their new chef and maitre'D. Excuse my ridiculously bad iPhone photos below. We ordered one of everything on the menu... and pretty much finished it all. Muahaha.

Aqua is one of those places that you go when you have friends in town. It's trendy and happening and has a kick-ass view and pretty decent food and crazy funky cocktails, so your out-of-towners think that you might be some sort of Hong Kong version of Carrie Bradshaw. (When really all you do is watch re-runs of Friends all day long and walk the dog five times a day.) If this sounds a little like you, then here's a guide to the best dishes so you can act like you know what's good.

Foie gras is always a favourite, and paired with shrimp and balsamic-anointed strawberries, it's even better. The scallops were also cooked well. For the mains, I think the pasta trumped secondi dishes. You've heard me rave about Aqua's desserts before... and I took full advantage of FashionGeek's limited stomach capacity when the sweet stuff arrived this time, I think I cleared 3/4 of that dessert platter on my own.

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