Monday, March 29, 2010

Divine Domani

Went to Domani's for their new weekend semi-buffet, which includes antipasti and dessert buffets and a main course for $350-$450, with an add-on $200 for free-flow, prosecco, red, white, beer and juice. I don't have much to say, because I already wrote 1000 words on it for a six-page spread which will appear in the magazine I work for. If you want the eloquent and properly written review, pick that up instead. Here, I'll just say... it's good, really good. The tagliatelle and grilled shrimp we opted for were awesomeness. And the strawberry mousse thing: Yum. Go and sit for four hours on the terrace, and really get your money's worth on beverages.

Proper food porn after the cut.

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