Thursday, March 18, 2010

Geek Spy: Arcade Mugs

I love ThinkGeek. And not only because they have the word Geek to their names. I love them for all the fun items I can find which are perfect novelty gifts for other geeky friends. If shipping were cheaper, I suspect my credit card bill will have a lot more items from ThinkGeek charged to it. My latest discovery is this heat changing arcade mug. Do you remember having heat changing mugs back in the day? Well combine it with some old school arcade games and you’ve got a classic nostalgic piece for that 80s baby.

Choose from the Pac Boy mug which displays an empty maze until you get that cuppa coffee and instantly add 8-bit style ghosts and energizers to the mug or the Space Intruders mug which show retro invaders style battle in action.

Get them at ThinkGeek for US$7.99 a piece

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