Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Geek Peek: Ching Dynasty

We’ve got a bit of a crush on Mary Ching shoes designed by Alison Mary Ching Yeung so we decided to hunt down the designer in question and ask her a few questions. Currently available in Shanghai, Mary Ching will be coming to Hong Kong this month. Her shoes are often inspired by the Chinese culture but with a British edge much like the designer herself who is a Chinese-British blend.

Hong Kong Fashion Geek: How would you describe your personal style?
Alison Mary Ching Yeung: Eclectic, vivacious and flirtious.
HKFG: What trends are you appreciating right now?
AMCY: I don´t follow trends, I make them!
HKFG: Who would be your dream celebrity client and why?
AMCY: Right now I really want to dress Maggie Q, Zhang Man Yu and Gong Li
HKFG: What's one item you're saving to buy?
AMCY: A useful man.
HKFG: What's something you never leave the house without?
AMCY: My dog Dim Sum.

Mary Ching will be available to buy in Hong Kong at a new concept store, Forest Bird, on Staunton Street which is opening in early March..

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