Thursday, March 4, 2010

SHOErotica: Jessica Simpson Dany

Normally I wouldn't post a Jessica Simpson shoe here (then again, once you've seen dog-filled crocs on here, who's to say where we draw the line) but it seems this unassuming model, the Dany, has been garnering quite a bit of attention out there. It looks darn ugly in the image above, but as you'll see after the cut, it actually is a lot more elegant once on the foot. Quite a few of my favourite fashion bloggers have sported them in spite of the freezing temperatures in their climates. But it seems the way to go is to pair these babies with socks... yeah, not for me. Thank God it's warm in Hong Kong.

From the top: Fashion Toast, Where Did U Get That, Fashion Chalet

GET THEM at Zappos... or not. They're sold out. Everywhere.

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