Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toy Story

Even though I'm a Geek -- I get addicted to meaningless sim games from Restaurant City on Facebook to Fish Tycoon on iPhone -- I do draw the line at ponying up real cash to support my geekiness. No judgement to those who do, just that once I open the wallet, its a slippery slope to emptying my bank account on decorative limited-edition casino items to make my restaurant more stylish...

So I definitely, definitely won't be using this Toy Traveling service that Michelle sent me, through which you can send your beloved plushie around the world to Prague, where it will be photographed extensively so that you can partake in its post-holiday tales. This seems particularly apt today as I just caught Vin Diesel as XXX, who saves the city of Prague from destruction by gas-bomb-wielding anarchists (and you thought I was going to make an Amelie reference). Anyway, so your toy can see the sights that Mr Diesel did, all for the very low price of... 90 euros, which includes the photos, a certificate, daily communications and a "surprise." Upgrade to the 150-euro package and you also get a photo album, aromatherapy and massage. No word if these services are for you, or your beloved soft toy, but either way, I'll be saving my cash for shoe shopping.

Images: Toy Traveling

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