Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Fling

As part of my quest to gain as much weight as quickly as possible (not really but that's what my stomach seems to be feeling these days), I bullied a certain PR King at Langham into taking me to lunch at Ming Court. The Michelin men don't always get it right, but if the dim sum is anything to go by, this Chinese restaurant seems to deserve its two stars. What's most delicious is that the prices are fairly reasonable. So if you were to calculate on a price-to-value ratio, it would score pretty damn high.

So my bottomless stomach and I are considering a return visit (and not just so I can achieve mayoral status there on FourSquare, as the venue is currently mayorless), because Ming Court has debuted a Vibrant Spring menu that's just filled with naughty, naughty food. Like what, you ask? Roasted suckling pig with foie gras sauce. YUM and only $78 a head. Braised lobster with urchin sauce. Pan-fried wagyu beef with black truffle oil. It's like the chef decided to take a truly decadent ingredient and then bump up the sex factor by combining it with another madly desirable component. For a triple-whammy, the lobster trio pictured above left is almost too pretty eat... except everyone knows beauty is fleeting, so that needs to get in my belly tout suite.

Note to self: Do not write food blog posts when hungry. Except, dear readers, though you may see this time-stamped as posted in the AM, I am actually writing this literally five minutes after dinner, with my oil-smudged bowl still sitting on my bedside table. Glamorous, I know. But I must then conclude that either the food is looking so good it's getting me hungry again... or I'm just a pig. Probably a bit of both.

Ming Court will be serving this special menu, which can be viewed in full after the cut, until May 31. The restaurant is at Level 6, Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong. Tel: 852 3552 3300.

Roasted sliced suckling pig with foie gras sauce
$78 per person
Braised lamb with thyme in honey and loh-sui sauce
Thai style barbecued pork loin
Lobster trio - Cooked in superior soup, steamed with yellow wine and egg white, stir-fried with hot and sour sauce
$178 per person
Double-boiled chicken with Chinese herbs
Braised lobster topped with urchin sauce
Braised whole African abalone (three heads)
$788 per person
Braised superior sea cucumber stuffed with prawn and matsutake mushrooms
$198 per person
Braised matsutake, mori and ling chi mushrooms with sea cucumber and dried shrimp roe
Pan-fried wagyu beef with black truffle oil
$268 per person
Pan-fried wagyu beef rolls stuffed with matsutake mushrooms and fungus
$98 per person
Baked flaming pork loin in red wine
Braised pork loin with kale, served in a casserole
Stir-fried fish balls stuffed with minced lamb in herb and soy sauce
Steamed chicken with sake
Stir-fried diced lotus root and olive leaves served with lettuce
Steamed organic sliced bean curd accompanied with stir-fried diced vegetables

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