Friday, March 26, 2010

Coming Up Daffodils

We don't typically do post-event updates because it sort of infringes on what I do in my day job, but I love those Rupert Sanderson guys so much I'll make an exception. We live-tweeted from the On Lan Street store opening of Rupert Sanderson last night, which was hopping in spite of events held at the same time by Bally, Juicy Couture, Guess, Stella McCartney (not to mention the Twestival). Within 30 minutes the shop was heaving with a veritable parade of Sanderson shoes on lithe-limbed babes, and quite a few fashion-savvy gents, too. I'd had breakfast with Sanderson as I mentioned earlier, but instead of asking him deep and meaningful questions about his inspiration and whatnot, I regaled him with tales of how my mattress very nearly didn't make it into my apartment due to the limitations of the staircase and elevator ("PIVOTTTT"). Are you bored with this story? I'm sure he was too, but then later that evening I somehow ended up sharing with him the fact that you can view the entire eight-day journey on the Trans Siberian Railway via youtube/Google Earth. And offered to send him the site. To which he stuttered: "Er, I'm sure I can Google it..."

Anywhoo, by the end of the event, even my normally heel-happy feet couldn't stand much longer. I still remember having coffee with owners Bertrand and Teresa when they told me, "We're going to buy pots now," prompting me to wonder whether launching a luxury brand had driven them to drugs. But of course, it's "pots" they meant, quite literally, and on departure from the event, we were all given pots of daffodils, because the shoes are all named after daffodil breeds (yep, even the ones like "Defender" and "Asteroid"). And then it was over. Now, go buy some shoes. Who cares about rugby?

Getting started...

Andrew, the RS sales director from the UK; Teresa and Bertrand who brought the brand to Hong Kong, and Mister Sanderson himself

There was a lot of Sanderson to be spotted...

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1 comment:

  1. Amazing post and live feed. Many thanks. Sorry I coulnd't be there!
    Alex xx
    (UK PR Manager for Rupert Sanderson)