Monday, July 19, 2010

Painted Love

Last year I blogged about being stranded in America with only one pair of holey shoes, and the $5 Urban Outfitters sneakers that came to my rescue... Well, one ill-fated rainy day splashing around in puddles later, I had $5 tennis-ball yellow sneaks dotted with muddy grey water. Oh well. But in the spirit of Looney Toons and other such cartoons of yonder era, I figured -- if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. "Them" being the puddle marks, of course. And so, one art jamming session later, the more successful canvas probably isn't the Picasso/cubist/Tetris-inspired illustration of my dog... but the sponge-painted sewer streaks and rose petals on my sneakers. I think.

Okay, the Loretta-bot sort of told me that both are ugly, but what does she know? It's not like she can paint the creepy exact likeness of our dog, or anything. Except...

Oh and for any sticklers for detail, Foxy usually does sleep with her back legs splayed outwards a la Superman.

ETA: Like so. Photo courtesy of FashionGeek.

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  1. Foxy is so cute... I love Corgis! :) Any posts on puppy fashion?

  2. aaa what does loretta know! i think the shoes look lovely - retro and artistic and you should continue to wear them.

  3. Good idea Miss Fong... Found my dog a GREAT Panda suit the other day. (btw went to your blog and i will never eat parma ham again... thanks.)

    And thank you Poonam, aka "Anonymous" I like them too!