Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do You Swallow?

Ohhhh yeah I went there. I'm a dirty little girl with a dirty little fetish. But it's not for questionably hygienic sexual practices (however protein-licious said practices are purported to be), it's for the latest in Miu Miu merchandise, with comes emblazoned with all sorts of birdy goodness that translates into so many covetable items (not to mention would happily go hand-in-hand with my feathered friend ring duo, Chanel temporary tattoo collection and Philadelphia South Street permanent tattoo...)

While I'm staunchly determined that some part of the Miu Miu reservoir of swallows will make it into my closet, the better question is which. The standout pieces are the satin clogs, Mary Janes and strappy multi-pattern clunky heels, the last of which I can't for the life of me find online except on the blogger on Chic Muse...

Then there's the collars, those perfectly pointed specimens that attach so neatly to any outfit, lending a bit of class and cheek at the same time. But since those are also not to be found (note to self: must make pilgrimage to Landmark to search in brick-and-mortar boutique) perhaps a DIY will do? As long as smudged swallows and bleeding fabric pens don't bother me, they will do in a pinch. I have a feeling that Andrew's crisp white shirt will not last much longer in my closet if he doesn't take it home soon... (and if I don't see a comment below, I will take it as tacit permission to cut the collar off his shirt).

But then as with every season, there's the debate between what's seasonal and what's going to last you forever. I don't mean things like Louboutin Pigalles or Chanel 2.55s, I mean non-classic classic things like Stella's Chloe horse pants which I would totally still wear today if I owned them. And call me crazy, but I sense that bird-print clogs will a) not hold up very well in the rain and b) not hold up very well in 2015. So maybe more subtle doses of swallow are in order: a puffy clutch, a smart little summer dress, a simple maillot (okay that's the iris print but it would be phenomenally more awesome in swallow).

And now, dear readers, time for you to answer that age-old question -- do YOU swallow?

Images: Net-a-porter, My Theresa, Chic Muse, Style Hurricane, Barneys,

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