Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Sound of Music

I'm a big music listener and I would never leave the house without my earphones. Unfortunately, I think I must be some sort of innate earphones wrecker as inevitably, one side of the earphones will lose its sound without fail within a year. After having broken yet another pair of earphones last year, I dragged ShoeGeek to help me find a replacement. After wandering around the shops for a while, I discovered AIAIAI earphones, created by a Danish design house. I was attracted to these earphones primarily because the wire was thicker than normal hence I hoped that it would survive the one year curse. It will be coming up a year in a month or so and things are looking pretty promising. Having already been a fan of AIAIAI, I was delighted when the company sent me a pair of their latest AIAIAI Track Headphones for trial.

These headphones are a hipster-friendly design by Copenhagen’s Kilo Design, which pays homage to the original Walkman headphones. With a simple stylish design, these headphones come with a range of different coloured parts so you can customise the look depending on your mood. So let's go to the sound, for the audiophiles, the headphones boast 40-millimeter drivers with a sensitivity of 112 +/-3 dB and a 23-Ohm impedance. For the rest of us, the music sounds a little fuller on the bass than other headphones but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Turning up the volumn still brings a nice clear sound with minimal distortion. However, do note that the noise insulation of these headphones are pretty poor. Everyone around you will hear exactly what you are listening to so fans of Justin Beiber might want to shy away from these.

Check them out at CitySuper's Log On or LCX. iPhone compatible.

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