Friday, May 14, 2010

Head Case

If there's anyone with whom I can empathize in the iPhone/iPad phenomenon, Plants vs Zombies, it's the zombies. They may be gooey and undead and stuck wielding odd weaponry and costumes for the rest of eternity, doomed to move straight ahead in pursuit of crunchy sunflowers and human brains... but I think last night proved I too can blindly follow a single goal for no apparent reason. I've been phone-less for about a week now and iPhone game deprivation has sent me spiraling into a deep sensory-deprived abyss. So when an iPad appeared in my house courtesy of Monsieur Hsu, you can bet I was glued to the screen, tapping away at zombies and demolishing them with my pea shooters and cherry bombs. It is indeed said that your greatest enemy is he/she/it whom is most like you...

Even though the iPad is pretty light, I have to admit, having this iPad Incase Convertible Book Jacket would make it an even more delicious experience, so that I could simultaneously demolish zombies and eat dinner without having to look away from the screen. (I did it last night sans support, but it will only get harder upon reaching the roof level...) It's adjustable like a deck chair and features a sticky support mat so your iPad doesn't slide around when you poke it too hard in exasperation because the zombies are coming ever closer, closer, closer to braindom. And clearly I am only introducing it to you readers because I want Mr Hsu to get one, so that when he comes over with his iPad I can enjoy the fruits of his online shopping. But if you too fear for your brains, and those of your family members, you will purchase one or something like it, seeing as this one isn't available yet.

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