Monday, May 3, 2010

Ready, Set, Shop!

Through a recommendation from our favourite Social Geek, we were contacted by some of the people over at Reebonz, which is essentially like Gilt Group and the rest of the slew of online shopping sale sites that offer pop-up sales on branded goods, except Reebonz targets Asia(!) You don't know how many times I signed up for these types of sites, only to find out after careful perusal of the terms and conditions, that they don't work for Hongkongers. And then for some reason, as if to torture myself, I didn't bother unsubscribing, meaning that almost every day, I received reminders that the this or that fabulous sale was about to go live in 3, 2, 1... but nope, nothing for you, ShoeGeek! Well, such evilness will continue no longer. I signed up last Friday and the very next day was notified that there would be Coach, Bottega Veneta and designer sunglass sales over the weekend. Nice, but even with a discount, I'm not looking for a BV bag right now. (Oh where oh where has my PS1 gone?) But the lovely Joan was kind enough to tickle my fancy with a sample Reebonz goodie, in the form of the Balenciaga Holiday wallet. And now I'm surfing Reebonz in earnest, while setting alarms on my iPhone to make sure I'm first in line to hit the Gucci, Dior and Miu Miu sales starting on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday respectively. Fendi, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Marni, Lanvin and YSL are also meant to be brands that have sales on Reebonz, so... yeah. What's the point of having a new wallet when you'll probably have no money to put in it?

If you've missed a sale, there's a special page in which you can click to request they bring back certain popular products. Unsurprisingly, that page is populated with Miu Miu bags (love) and Bottega's small leather goods.

So far, the savings on the brands look to be about 35%-80% off, which is REALLY not bad when you're considering the quickly rising cost of luxury and the fact that Reebonz often carries current-season products. They deliver to all Asia Pacific countries (HK, China, Taiwan, South Korean, Japan, Australia, New Zealand as well as to Canada, USA and UK).

I'll keep you kids posted, however, as I spend more time interacting with the site and sales. In the meantime, if you want to head over to sign up and get notified of upcoming sales, or just surf around the site and take a look, then sign up here.

There are rumblings, too, that today marks the launch of their men's store and annual 99% off sale. See you there...

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1 comment:

  1. I am in love with Reebonz!

    I don't think many people understand the site yet in Asia, but moving from the US, I am happy to see this FINALLY.

    I haven't bought anything, but as soon as I see them offering some more of the better Balenciaga colors, I'm their's.

    I was surprised they had NEW Prada stuff. It's not all "warehouse" good. Plastic, anyone?