Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Once You Go Black...

"How bizarre is this," I said to FashionGeek right before I started writing this post. "We're going to have two posts on detergent this week." So we decided, what the hell, let's make it washing-up week on Hong Kong Fashion Geek. Tomorrow, you can read about the paper detergent she's extolling to anyone who travels, but for now you can read what ShoeGeek has to say about Woolite Black, for anyone who wears black. Yeah, that means you. (Read on, I promise to entertain.)

I sometimes think I put way too much thought into doing laundry. I love my clothes, and I've been burned by the man in the laundry shop many times (how can you send back four SINGLE socks and NO pairs?) so I meticulously sort my colours from my whites from my delicates and so on. Despite this anal colour-sorting (it makes me realize what a crap job the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter has), my dark clothes, like Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, are often victims of the fade. Insert cheap laughs here.

For some reason, Woolite decided to go on the offensive with a blogger campaign to launch their new detergent, Woolite Black, created for dark clothes. Random? Yes. But she of the streaky dark clothing does not complain about free detergent. And I don't know if it's kismet or a weird coincidence, but the very next day after I received the Woolite package, my dog decided to pee on my black bathroom mat. So I washed it with my brand new bottle of Woolite Black. It's not really a fair comparison, because I actually use Woolite as my regular detergent, and it's hard to test an agent that prevents fading with just one wash, but... PHWOAR. It didn't fade! Magic. See the before and after shots to prove it. It's like a bad infomercial, haha, and somehow I tricked you into reading this far.

So, you ladies who love LBDs -- go pick up a bottle. On another note, I'm very amused by this trend of things going black. Like pantiliners that come in black so as to blend more naturally with your black underwear. You know, in case you come across an up-the-skirt cameraman on the MTR. (Don't tell me it's for the benefit of lovers because that opens up a whole new debate about why your lover and your pantiliner are even in the same room.)

Then there's this latest that landed in my inbox: Renova black toilet paper (also comes in blue, green, fuschia, red and orange). Now word-of-the-day toilet paper made sense -- you poo, you learn. Insert Friends reference here. But black TP... um, sorry to get graphic here, but how do you know when to stop wiping? Then again, they say once you go black, you don't go back. But I'm pretty sure they were referring to Woolite.

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  1. Hi!
    So you just found out about Renova Black? You should try it, it looks amazing, it feels amazing and it smells amazing... check it up at City Super Stores.
    Hong Hongers are loving the Lime Green!
    Will you dare?