Friday, May 14, 2010

Geek Spy: USB Bottle Opener Flash Drive

What's this? Two Geek Spy posts in a week? Well yeah, I've obviously been hard at work scouring the internet for random tidbits that you, my dear readers, will find amusing. Some might say this gadget is catered more to the guys but I know plenty of beer loving girls so maybe it's a bit of both. Behold the USB flash drive that also functions as a bottle opener. Of course, I'm not too sure how smart it would be to have a flash drive acting as your bottle opener if you plan on downing a lot of beers. What if someone spills onto the flash drive? Then you just end up with an overpriced bottle opener. But undoubtedly this will tickle someone's fancy. If that person is you, get it here.

2GB US$19.00
4GB US$22.00
8GB US$33.00

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