Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have We Met?

When we talk about the Met in New York, most people think art or culture or fashion... Sadly, thanks to an overexposure to '90s American sitcoms, I don't think of any of those things. I think of Charlie telling Joey she wants to go to the Met, and Joey telling her that the Mets suck (and that they should go see the Yankees instead). Digging deeper into my consciousness to find a better reference, and I start to get vivid images of Joey talking about chiaroscuro while gesturing at the wrong painting. Don't let your kids watch TV, people.

Obviously, though, this isn't so much an ode to my geekiness as a convoluted manner of introducing a blog post on the Costume Institute Gala at the Met that's happening as I write. The biggest wow moment for me was seeing Jude and Sienna on the red carpet together, as if they had never been apart. Uh, hello? What locked room have I been hiding in? When did this happen? I kind of hate them together because I find him to be a philandering and scrawny loser, but I like Sienna, and I like that she's glowing and happy, so I'll just put down my Jude hatred to the fact that I've seen Closer too many times, and will try not to hate on him and his rather small, uncircumsized you-know-what (thank God for The Superficial).

In other, more fashion-related news, here are some of my Met Ball "observations," shall we say. I am no trend-spotter or fashion guru, after all... but I do know what I like. And dislike.

And I like Emma Watson in custom Burberry.

I also like Kristen Bell in DvF, though as usual, I'm biased by my undying love for and obsession with all things Veronica Mars.

I DON'T like Kate Hudson's new boobs. I always thought she had the perfect flat, almost concave chest. Probably not the sexiest thing but it made it so easy to wear clothes.

I like (love) fuschia on the red carpet. And anything pink in general. And the colour of Thandie Newton's skin.

I like short dresses that pack a punch, especially if that "punch" comes in the form of Blake Lively, who has the best fake tan + T&A combo in the biz, and she isn't afraid to show it. I love that Chloe Sevigny is so weird and looks persistently cranky and a little bit slow, no matter what makeup she has on. And I love Proenza, but who doesn't?

I don't like poufy, golden ballgowns, and I don't like Anne Hathaway, she is a funny looking girl and waaay too earnest in films, making me want to smother her and her oversized lips with a big pillow. I used to like JLo (used to LOVE JLo) but she is getting a bit boring these days. And who doesn't love Carrie Bradshaw, but SJP is better dressed down than dressed up, in my opinion.

I also hate skintight long-sleeved sheaths, not because they look ugly, but because they show off every flaw, and should only be worn by the skinniest of skinny girls, to the point that I don't think that Marion Cotillard or Diane Kruger look any good at all. You know who WOULD, though? Kate Hudson, pre-boob job. But I guess I will continue to long for things remembered, such as a flat-chested Kate and an art-retarded Joey, without them ever really coming back except in reruns.

Images: Popsugar

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  1. If they want to shorten it they should call it the MUSE!!!

  2. Yes, I agree seems everyone loved D. Kruger's dress but I just don't like it, in fact I don't overly love anything white on anybody. Emma Watson's dress was lovely but looking at it I feel that the slit was misplaced, really leaves nothing to the imagination and I just think she's a little more of an ingenue than that.