Monday, May 10, 2010

Junkfood for Thought

In my books, junk food is all about stuff you don't need, but goddamn gotta have anyway. It doesn't fall into the staple categories of the food pyramid, but it certainly makes life a little more worth living. So I'm taking this exact same attitude towards Bitching & Junkfood. Don't even think about locating the perfect basic white T-shirt or skinny jean or any other closet necessity here, seek only something to spice up your wardrobe and life. It's bad but it's sooo goood. Me, I'm in it for the pseudo-McQueen gem refraction minidresses; the scaley, animalian leggings; the oversized, reversible (aka convertible!!) crossword puzzle wrap; and all sorts of other goodies that will blow your mind but not your budget.

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