Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hunky Dory

Back in the day when this blog was just starting off, one of the very first posts I wrote was how adidas sent over a press release about something that I didn’t quite care about but because they put David Beckham upfront, I decided to read the release. This time around, over a year later, they’ve done the same thing but with the “hunky, handsome and sports enthusiast” (their words not mine.) Daniel Wu. I guess his marriage to Lisa S has not caused as much a ruckus as say Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi. But then again, he did admit to it a month afterwards not four years later and during a divorce. Anyway I digress. Adidas has obviously discovered the effectiveness of sending hunky images out as the release pretty much focuses on him and the ad campaign he is doing for adidas. See more images after the cut as well as some choice quotes from the release.

Key quotes
“The ad showing Daniel in various training poses does not only demonstrate the vitality of sports, but also showcases Daniel’s sporting prowess.”

“Using “I Train…Become Better” as the theme, the new adidas advertising campaign features the hunky, handsome and sports enthusiast Daniel Wu who is a perfect fit for this role.”

Oh and if you cared about the products, they are the new Clima365 Spring/Summer collection which features the Clima365 Novo Sleeveless Tee, 3-Stripes Polo, 3-Stripes Short Sleeves Tee and the new Zeitfrei Footwear. The Combat collection, specifically designed for boxing practice, features the Combat V-necked Tee and Knit Short to create an aggressive and combative look. And the new Training collection which is designed for daily fitness and leisure activities and showcases hooded windbreakers, graphic tees, sports tops, 3/4 cropped pants and the EQTN (Equation) footwear.

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