Monday, May 24, 2010

Animal Planet

At first glance, you're looking at a top that features a bunch of lines and squiggly weird tree-like shading. But upon closer inspection, you'll realize it's an elephant. Oh the cheek. But this makes a white tee exponentially cooler, and the fact that the maker of this garment, Mika Organic, is all about "save the animals" and "heal the world" and whatnot, is I suppose even cooler. (Isn't saving the planet considered cool now? If Leonardo diCaprio does it, it must be, right?).

But then again, even if you're hating on green initiatives, if you appreciate tasteful and intelligent innovation with fabric and clothing design, there's something to enjoy after the cut: things like the artful use of fringe to frame a horse head, or the echo of deer antlers in a perfect shaped V-neck, or a snake that slithers fully from one wrist to the opposite, wrapping his python-print body across your back.

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