Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It wasn't too long ago that Burberry launched its beauty line, and although I can't speak for the quality of their products, if we're going by packaging, the brand has definitely won me over. And it's 2010, who cares about quality when there's packaging to ooh and aah over? I know girls who go nuts over the cute Dior duo-use makeup charms (is it a necklace? a keychain? a lip gloss? an eyeshadow? an intergalactic robot sent to save us from Voldemort?), and those same girls will no doubt go gaga for this Burberry lip charm. At $790 from the Burberry counter in Faces in Harbour City, it's also a pretty good Christmas gift, as the Nude Beige hue will match any skin tone.

For a more straightforward approach, there's also regular lipsticks embossed with classic Burberry plaid, which makes so much more sense than stamping the tip of the lippie. This way, you can appreciate the pattern right up until you stub out your long-lasting lipwear.

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  1. I got the liquid foundation and lipgloss...the liquid foundation reminds me of GA LSF albeit a bit more gel-like...and the ligloss is LOVE.

    Confession: I bought both just for the packaging and was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

  2. wow, it looks sooo pretty:) love that lipstick and how it has the burberry patterns on it!!!