Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pac Rat

Moleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Black Ruled LargeMoleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Black Ruled PocketMoleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Yellow Plain LargeMoleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Gift Set Volant LargeMoleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Yellow Plain Pocket
I have this habit of buying notebooks thinking that I will eventually write in them. And I do go through quite a lot being a former journo and one of those girls who still enjoy writing in journals. However, I didn’t realize how MANY notebooks I have until I just went through the hassle of packing up my belongings to move to a new apartment. I literally have about 30 to 40 quality notebooks just hanging around in my apartment waiting for me to write. Of course, the point of this entry is not to tell you how many notebooks I have but rather that I covet even more since I just discovered this series of limited edition Moleskine Pac-Man notebooks.

This series of Pac-Man Moleskine celebrates 30 years of the iconic 8-bit game with individual notebooks and a gift set. Choose from ones that features a classic screen image of Pac-Man on a black hard front cover with the text 'HIGH SCORE, 10.957 days' on the back, Pac-Man and Ghost on a hard black front cover with the yellow text 'Game Over' on the back, Pac-Man on a yellow hard front cover with UV lacquer silk screen print on the front and back or fun fruits on a hard yellow front cover with the text 'Insert Coin' on the back. The gift set features limited edition Volant notebooks presented in a black bespoke folder including 4 Volant notebooks in yellow, blue, fuchsia or red, each printed with a silver character from the game including 'Pac-Man', 'Ghosts' and 'Cherries'.

All are enclosed with a black band showing the vast array of characters and the official Pac-Man Logo with 30th Anniversary text in both English and French.

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