Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shop Not

Want this. But it got vetoed by the shopping approval unit (aka the Loretta-bot. "She looks fat in that. And isn't she supposed to be skinny if she's a model?") Kaylee Tankus woven jacket via 80s Purple, or Oak if you want to pay US$100 more.

She approved this, though -- Anzevino & Florence geometricky puff jacket. Which is sold out in all sizes except XS. Which my fat ass doesn't fit into. Ohs wells.

My attempts to shop have lately been foiled. Mostly by the Loretta-bot's insightful one-liner commentaries... "I don't know, if you're trying to look like a mummy..." (on white Ann D platforms). But I also blame Tina ("Will you cry if I take those shoes away? No? Okay then don't buy them") and Laura (for having the same shoe size as me and getting to the Pedder sale 15 minutes before me). I have money in my pocket and it's burning a hole. SPEND.

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  1. WOW
    Nice clothes.
    Lovely blog.
    Hugs from Venezuela!
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  2. that first one definitely deserves nixing. NO.