Friday, October 22, 2010

H&M x Lanvin: Coming Up Roses

A couple of days ago, I tweeted a link to the first look at Lanvin and H&M's highly anticipated collection. Truth be told, I have never been inspired to line up for any of the H&M collabs. Long lines scare me. Scary fashion diehards scare me. And spending endless hours in a line, only to find out nothing fits me or looks good on me, scares me the most, because I know my own psyche and I know I'll feel obligated to buy something just because I spent so much time in line. Opportunity cost, children.

Anyway, that could change with this epic Lanvin collection. The first look had me excited -- all the signature pouf and circumstance have been retained, and those two cocktail dresses on either end are better than anything I've ever seen from the high-street brand, designer collab or not. One new image was released today and yippee! There are prints! Everything is coming up roses. Now be good little blog readers, stay at home when the collection is launched, let mama have her Lanvin please. The full collection preview is meant to be out November 2.

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  1. Love love love the black dress on the right!!
    But I can assure you, I'll stay at work/home, cos queues just don't do it for me. Happy shopping and please share with us what you got!

  2. am quite excited about this, never have been with any other collab!

  3. Great blog! I just stumbled upon it by accident but i'll be sure to follow to get updates on HK fashion, design, and food news:D

    Yes, i agree about H&M's collabs with designers, they create such long queues at the shops!!! i have never been a victim....yet,lol
    But the Lanvin collection looks great and i look forward to it:)


  4. Last time H&M collaborated with Jimmy Choo, it was barely possible to walk around, waaay too many people.. Like you say, I hope people will stay at home :-) I need one of these black dresses, they look really nice.