Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Revel in Bevel Jewelry

You know that line in American Beauty where that tortured emo guy who hooks up with Thora Birch is all like... "sometimes there's so much beauty in the world that it HURTS" and then Sam Mendes cuts to this video of a plastic bag flying around like it's meant to be some sort of visual cue to make us viewers realize, wow, the world IS beautiful, that plastic bag IS beautiful, in fact, we are ALL beautiful, hugsies! That was such a crock. But I still loved the movie.

Anyway, what Mendes should have instead filmed as an analogy for beauty, instead of a plastic bag floating in the wind like an unused extra from the Forrest Gump prop room, is some of this jewellery by Bevel, a new New York-based house whose brand of macabre, eerie jewellery actually matches up quite well with the Oscar-winning film. Okay, so this jewellery probably would not float in the wind. And for budget reasons, I guess a plastic bag comes free with a drink at 7-Eleven (or 50 cents if you're in Hong Kong), and a Xibalban Bloom necklace by Bevel (last shot after the cut) is US$1470. I guess that's why one of us is an Oscar-winning director, and one of us is a part-time blogger code-named Geek.

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