Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fashion Week Redux: Fringe Benefits

It looks like fringe is in... for my birthday this year I got bronchitis and a possible diagnosis of asthma. So that's all I'm going to say. See more by Mark Fast, Mary Katrantzou and Versace, after the cut. And leave a comment to tell me I'm lovely and deserve a good birthday, especially since I had swine flu last year on this same day. Us Geeks have NO luck with birthdays.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! hope you feel better soon and for your birthday this year hope you are showered with all fashionable and awesome stuff cause you deserve it cause you are a legendary geek!

  2. Happy birthday my partner in crime! Yes I feel the need to leave you a msg on our blog coz we're geeky like that.

  3. Happy birthday!!
    And, ah you poor thing!! No luck at all,please get better and afterwards, pamper yourself with some treats: spa, travel, shopping ;)

  4. Hi, me again :)
    About pampering - see - great offer!!
    Get better!!

  5. Thanks Irene! I may need that anti-wrinkle to combat getting older...