Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mascara for Wimps

Confession time! I never wore mascara. Didn't know how to put it on. Didn't see the point. EYELINER, bitches. That's what it's about. Then one day earlier this year I decided. Eyeliner? So passe. 2013 is the year of mascara. And so I dug out a tube of mascara that was gifted to me and still shiny and new in its packaging. And after I used it I was like... whoa. So then I realized that all these years, I didn't have anything against mascara. I just had never encountered a good mascara.

So with the help of my bevy of beauty consultants (ahem, okay, my Whatsapp group chat) I checked out a few more mascaras -- MAC's Zoom Lash, Benefit's They're Real. And was introduced to countless more: Givenchy's PhenomenEyes which has a ball-shaped wand, Lancome's Hypnose which is good for anyone with allergies, L'Oreal's Voluminous which is supposedly the drugstore pick of many a professional makeup artist...

But then I realized that I had actually lucked out, and the one I owned was indisputably the best for my wimpy, flat Asian lashes. And so after two paragraphs of waffling, I come to my point. Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara. It coats your lashes like nobody's business, and you know that's true because come night time, this is a BITCH to remove. The key, my friends, is to either buy the accompanying mascara remover, or to make sure you use a really good oil-based remover and hold a soaked cotton pad against your lashes for at least five seconds before you start rubbing away. But until then, your spidery lashes are almost fake-looking, that's how good they are.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh how I have obsessions with fluttery eyelashes. If you have patience you can research Latisse. I can send to you my dermatologist in central, if your interested. I HAD stumpy little lashes. But in a few months, your eyelashes will literally look like butterflies.