Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shopper's Delight: The Fashion Headlines + Promo Code

Big news, kids. Have been meaning to blog this for ages but got caught up in that thing called life. But my awesome friends in Singapore, Evon and Fia, have recently launched a great multi-brand retail site called The Fashion Headlines, selling a whole giant range of styles and brands. I know, I know. You already have Net-a-porter and Shopbop and Asos to cover all your online shopping needs. But what's different about The Fashion Headlines is that, for the girl who isn't coveting a look that's like everyone else's, from designers that everyone else is wearing, it's a site that brings together really unique brands with interesting stories and different looks.

Evon is a designer and former ballerina whose math background helped her create Armoire, a line of "engineered" dresses that are tailor-made to bring out the best of your body. In short, these dresses make you look hot. Fia is a beauty guru who ran her own beauty brand in Thailand before getting married to her college sweetheart and moving to Singapore. They're also both serious babes, and fun-loving girls with great personal style. So when they first told me that they would be launching a retail site, I was all over it. What I like most about the site is that it's not cookie-cutter -- so it's not like you're getting all these work-appropriate looks, or all these hipster looks. It's a little bit of everything, a mix-and-match approach that helps all of us discover different styles.

The brands run the gamut from Armoire (of course) to drapey designs by Hong Kong's Hei Lau, to geometric jewellery by Mandy Wu, resortwear by Phyllis Boho, Marni-ish shoes by Chiyo, exotic clutches by Elektra, chic party dresses by Rainbow People, Helmut Lang-style urban dresses by Mimosa, body-con cocktail frocks by Arc and one of my favourites, awesome separates by Patrick Owen. There's also more familiar names like Lanvin (they sell the pocket scarves for gents) and sunglasses label LeSpecs.

Best news, the gals have hooked us up with a promo code for 10% off! Just enter "HKFGXTFH" at checkout to use this special offer, and click in to see more TFH fashion porn...

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