Sunday, April 14, 2013

Patrik Muff

The name is Muff, Patrik Muff. And though he may resemble a biker or tattoo artist, in actuality, he's a bunny. Just kidding. But you can't deny that's an awesome photo. Now, Pat Muff name jokes aside, the man is a jewellery designer, and one with a very specific and strong aesthetic. Switzerland-born Muff comes from a family of craftsmen, and is himself a trained goldsmith who flirted with the art world before launching his own line of collectible jewellery. He's inspired by what he calls the four human essentials of existence: faith, love, hope and death, which are expressed in motifs like skulls, stars, spears, hearts and religious symbols. Check out more of his worth after the cut. It's available via Galerie Huit in Hong Kong.

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