Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beauty Notes: Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer

I was quite intrigued when I read that Giorgio Armani Beauty's new Flash lacquer is formulated with a self-smoothing texture that weaves an elastic crystal clear film that always reshapes, even after blotting lips. How on earth does that work? I had this weird image of an alien-like creature running about on my lips so when I was sent a sample to try, I thought hmmm maybe I need to keep looking at the mirror to see if the gloss would move by itself. To the disappointment of sci-fi fans, when I applied the gloss, it wasn't an alien creature on my lips like my overactive imagination thought but rather a pretty sheen that is quite long lasting. The good thing about this lip gloss is that it's not too sticky (nothing worst than feeling like your lips have become fly trap stickers for Hong Kong's pollution to stick on.) Available at Giorgio Armani boutiques and counters for HK$260.

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