Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oldies But Goodies: Karen Walker SS13 Eyewear

This isn't a new campaign, but it's a pretty cool one. Karen Walker sunnies are a pretty unqualified success, and you know it because you see fakes strewn across pretty much every store in Shenzhen's notorious Lo Wu mall, the mecca for counterfeit goods. So I guess the brand is now in a position to really rock the boat with its campaign ideas, and instead of featuring models or grungy hipsters in the ads, KW decided to go for octogenarians, aggressively styled in not age-inappropriate but yet still very modern looks that somehow still pay homage to various past areas of fashion (think '60s feather boas, chunky stacked bangles, sweater sets and polyester prints, but in an updated manner). And you know the eyewear will look awesome on all of us because a) it's Karen Walker and b) even the grannies look fab. In fact, if you read the mini questionnaires found on the KW site, you'll realize that these women don't just look fab, they ARE fab, certainly more fabulous than I am, with their styling gigs and fashion boutiques and the fact that they are now starring in global ad campaigns. Oh well, at least I have my (relative) youth.

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