Saturday, April 4, 2009

ShoeGeek's Shoe Showdown

This is not so much a call to arms as a stream-of-consciousness post about the cheap shoes I was looking at instead of doing the work I stayed at home last night to do. (And see, I'm supposed to be doing it now, but I'm blogging about how I am not working instead)

So these are the options, most from Urban Originals or Go Jane, clearly knock-offs of much pricier footwear. My MUST-HAVE is the shoe that every blogger and her mom already has, the Aldo Maune, but DAMMIT THEY DO NOT SHIP TO HONG KONG. I find them better than the Ann Demeulemeester lace-ups because they're more lady-like, ergo, more me. And cheaper too. Anyone willing to get them for me somewhere else and bring them/send them back to me?? 

The Aldo Maune 

The runners-up... I love how Steve Madden last season knocked off the Givenchy open-toe bootie/gladiator, and now UrbanOriginal/Go Jane have knocked off the Madden shoe. High fashion... to high street... to haiyaaaah, so cheap la, must buy two pair lahh... =P

Now, if I do finish my work this weekend, I can use the cheque from that to buy myself a couple of these as a prize. This information is written here for my benefit more than yours, because I'm trying to rationalise/trick myself into going back to real work. The second pair is definitely going in the shopping cart, but if nobody is willing to buy me my Maunes, then which should we the second pair? (Yes, with shoes, good things come in twos. Or technically, fours, since there will be four single shoes.)

Images courtesy of Urban Original, Go Jane and Aldo

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  2. The shoes are just awesome!!! I like their colors and styles. Heels actually exercise your calves while you walk!!

  3. I love the thirt pair! I have something simmilar, and the only issue with it is when I need to take it up :))) It takes a while to get it on!